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School Catchments

Your Choices

Every student who resides in Vancouver has a VSB neighbourhood school corresponding to catchment boundary. The majority of them will attend their neighbourhood school but there’s also the possibility of applying cross boundary to a school outside their catchment area provided that space, resources and an appropriate program is available.

Those who choose the latter should visit their neighbourhood school and pick up a cross boundary application form. On the form families are asked to indicate other schools to which they have submitted a cross boundary form.

If the requisite space and facilities are determined to be available, cross boundary applications will be accepted in the following priority:

  • Students enrolled as residents during the current school year or accepted on a cross boundary application during the previous year;
  • Siblings (when other siblings are attending the school concurrently);
  • Students enrolled in on-site childcare programs, or whose childcare needs are provided within the attendance area;
  • Students whose residence falls within the attendance areas of other Vancouver schools;
  • Students whose residence falls outside the Vancouver School District

Families may only accept one cross boundary offer. Once a family agrees to accept an offer, their application for cross boundary at other schools will be nullified.

Vancouver School Catchment Map